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The Power to Change

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Automatic Tool Changers for CNC Router Tables

Works with Mach3

Starting at Less than $3200

Midwest Rapid Tool Inc. has developed a bolt on Tool Changer which fits gantry style router tables.  Everything needed to implement automatic tool changes is included.  A modified  Porter Cable 3 1/4hp Router, air cylinder, and control modules are fully assembled and mounted on a 3/4" aluminum back plate.  The Fixed Tool Pallet included in the system, has Tool Bays for 8 Tool Holders.  Four Tool Holders with your choice of ER20 collets are included  with the system with additional Tool Holders available.  ER20 collets are available to hold bits with a full range of shank diameter from .018" through .512".   (See Order Page for list of individual  collets and collet sets). Any standard ER20 collet can be used which meets the DIN6499 spec.


System Advantages: (click on the headings for more information)

  • Automatic Tool Changes - Allows the use of many (up to 8) tool bits without stopping the machine to change bits and re-zeroing the tool.

  • Manual Tool Changes - Fully automatic mode is not always required.  Tool Holders can be changed in less than 3 seconds at the touch of a button for jobs which do not require automatic tool changes. 

  • Automatic Tool Height Compensation - A program is included which will automatically measure the tool bit offsets for each Tool Holder and use this offset to adjust the tool height during automatic tool changes.  Once the offset is stored in the program the offsets will be used in manual tool changes as long as the correct tool being used in displayed in the tool in use dialog box.

  • Anti-Rotation Feature - The collet chuck on the Tool Changer contains a feature which locks into the slots on the Tool Holder.  This increases the torque required to cause the Tool Holder to slip in the collet chuck by nearly 4 times.

  • Tool Holder Blow Off Feature - Before the Tool Changer picks up a Tool Holder, several air blasts remove any dust or debris from the Tool Holder to increase the accuracy of the cut.

  • Simple Programming - Works with Mach 3.  All the macros required to run under Mach 3 are included.  Programming for use with a ShopBot system is also included.

  • Easy installation - Since most of the assembly is done at the factory, just drill the Tool Changer mounting holes using the supplied template, mount the Tool Changer, and mount the Fixed Tool Holder then hook up the air line and the cables from the control modules.

System Requirements

  • 100 psi air supply
  • 2 software controlled output switches
  • 110vac power outlet
  • 12 or 24 volt power supply (12v usually taken from the controller power supply).

Complete System Includes:
Back plate Assembly

  •  Modified Porter Cable 75182 Router Motor
  •  Tool Changer Bracket
  •  Air Cylinder Bracket
  •  Air Cylinder
  •  Bracket Supports
  •  Air Solenoid
  •  Solenoid Control Module
  • Tool Pallet, brackets, and hardware
  • 4 Tool Holders
  • 4 ER-20 Collets of your choice
  •  Router Control Module
  • 30' of Control Cable for both control modules
    25' Flexible 1/4 Air Tubing
    Solenoid, Module, and Cylinder pre piped
    Installed Tool Holder Blow Off Air Nozzle
    Back plate Mounting Hardware
    Tube to standard air line fitting
    Four Tool Holders - With your choice of ER20 Collets (other collets also available to increase the flexibility of the Tool Holders).
    Mounting Template
    Tool Pallet
    Tool Pallet Mounting Brackets and Hardware
    Tool Pallet ground plate
    Tool Pallet grounding wire
    Grounding wire with alligator clips
    Wire Ties
    Assembly Instructions





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