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Anti-rotation Feature

The Midwest Rapid Tool Automatic Tool Changer incorporates an anti-rotation feature between the Tool Holder and the collet chuck in the Tool Changer.  This feature has increased the torque required to slip the Tool Holder in the collet chuck by nearly 4 times.  This allows the use of larger bits to be run at higher feeds making deeper cuts.  The feature consists of spring loaded pins which have been added to the collet chuck that fit into grooves in the Tool Holders.  During manual tool changes the Tool Holder will be rotated slightly as it is being inserted into the collet chuck to allow the pins to engage the slots in the Tool Holder directly.  During automatic tool changes the spring loaded pins are pushed back if they are not directly aligned with the slots in the Tool Holder.  If the Tool Holder starts to slip in the collet chuck during cutting, the maximum rotation is ~ 70 before the pins engage the slots in the Tool Holder.



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