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Tool Height Compensation Feature

(For a full description of how to program for automatic tool changes see the Programming Page.)

There are several ways to program the Tool Changer depending on how your software handles different tool bit lengths or height.  A zeroing plate is attached to the top surface of the Tool Pallet.   A  tool height offset routine is included with the program files which measures the height of all the tool holders in the Tool Pallet.  These offsets are stored in memory and the Z height is reset accordingly when the tool is picked up by the Tool Changer.  (See video page for example)

A setup routine is also included with the programming files which is run before any program which requires automatic tool changes.  The zero plate is placed on top of the part programmed Z zero (such as the top of the material or table).   The setup routine zeroes the Z axis at this point.  The Tool Changer then moves to the zero plate on the Tool Pallet and touches off.  The distance between the part Z zero and the Tool Pallet Z zero is now programmed so the Tool Changer can correctly pick up and replace the Tool Holders. (See video page for example)



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